Need help in your state or territory? Here’s a list of company help lines that can help you with answers to your complaint or questions

C/OPhone Number
Customer Care08127737631
Transport Manager08126427421
Control Manager07016842202
Courier 07016842168
Abuja Bus Sales/ AKTC Guest House07016842196
Lagos Bus Sales07016842197
P/Harcourt Bus Sales07016842198
Ikot-Ekpene Transport07016842170
Eket Transport07016842171
Courier Onitsha07016842173
Calabar Transport07016842174
Oron Transport07016842172
Benin Transport07016842176

Enugu Transport07016842178
Benin Courier07016842177
Courier Calabar07016842175
Courier PH 07016842191
Courier Enugu07016842179
Kaduna Transport07016842180
Kaduna Courier07016842181
Ojuelegba Transport07087527203
Ojuelegba Courier 07016842183
Ajah Transport07016842184
Agboju Transport09020606779
Ibadan Transport07016842185
Jos Transport07016842186
Waterlines Transport07016842187
Eleme(Oil Mill) Transport 07016842188
Abuja AKTC Jabi07016842160
Courier Abuja07016842162
AKTC Asaba08035907580, 08031992161
AKTC Abakiliki08104652311,08031992161
AKTC Ikom09037872833
AKTC Aba08023969561, 070353335580
AKTC Awka08061394049 ,07034208763
AKTC Owerri08039477273
AKTC Afikpo08038759062
Akure/Ondo08037936892, 08133175961
AKTC Onitsha08117190180,08133175961, 08068551588
AKTC Maza09020606779