Refund Policy

Refund of full payment is guaranteed if our conditions are not favorable. Refund of money after payment attracts 20% surcharge on fare paid.

Luggage Allowance

Illegal/contraband goods shall not be accepted for carriage though luggages are carried without inspection and at owner’s risk. However, any   suspicion as to the illegibility of the content shall require an on the spot     inspection and where such illegality is confirmed, the passenger(s) and  luggage shall be handed over to the appropriate authorities.

Pick-up & Drop-off Policy

Our buses stop only at AKTC terminals and other designated/authorized Bus Stop. 

Departure time

Passengers must be at terminal 30 minutes before the indicated departure time shown on the ticket.

AKTC undertakes to use her efforts to convey passenger(s) and luggage with reasonable care and dispatch. However, departure time shown on time table or tickets are not guaranteed and are not part of the contract.

Road Emergency/Monitoring Checks

AKTC may without prior notice, substitute alternative carrier or vehicle and may alter designated stopping points shown or described on tickets where needs arises. AKTC shall however assume no responsibility for such change

Service Denial

AKTC reserves the right to refuse carriage of any person who has acquired ticket(s) but violets applicable laws and counter-tariffs rule and/or regulations. AKTC reserves the right to deny any unaccompanied minor or sick person carriage.

Passenger Convenience

AKTC vehicles carry only 3 passengers per seat row, but in the event of accident or vehicle breakdown an oncoming AKTC vehicle is allowed to carry one additional passenger per seat row making it four passengers per seat row from accident or broken-down vehicle.

Passengers Insurance

Passenger’s Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is converted by Pentacle Insurance Brokers Limited and Usoroson Nig. Limited

The following claims apply:

DEATH =N=50,000



In case of accident please assist victims to the nearest hospital and immediately contact Nsik Motors Limited or Pentacle Insurance Brokers Ltd and Usoroson Nig. Ltd. via 08130656385,0812773631 for further enquiries and complains.

Restrictions and Reservation of Rights

No agent, servant or representative of AKTC has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of this contract.