Our Company Profile

Nsik Motors Limited is a dynamic and proactive transport and auto-assembling company, registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the 27th of March, 2003. The Company is a brain child of Mr. Nsikan Johnny, who started as a motorbike operator (okada) and was determined to explore other aspects of the transport industry to enhance the movement of goods and persons in large scale, create employment and take transport business to an enviable height.

Moved by this vision, Mr. Nsikan Johnny acquired his first automobile, a fairly used Volkswagen bus, popularly known as “Danfo” and operated within Port-Harcourt City (Borikiri - Mile 3) where he served as a conductor for about six months and subsequently, took over as its driver. 

The successes recorded while driving his own vehicle led to the acquisition of more vehicles. Nsik Motors Limited, though a profit-making company, exercises an uncompromising faith in its Quality, Safety and Comfort principle (QSC)

In 2004, Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited due to its dwindling fortunes and the near collapse entered into partnership with Nsik Motors Limited, Nsik Motors Limited within a short time revived and regenerated the erstwhile and nostalgic Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited’s glory and standard.

In 2005, the then state government decided to lease out Akwa Ibom Transport Company to a private investor, Nsik Motors Limited amongst others bided and won the lease and has since maintained the lease till date, as a result of its excellent performance and high service delivery, the lessor (Akwa Ibom State Government) is duly appreciative of and therefore, approved its continuity of the lease. 

So far, Nsik Motors Limited due to the acquisition of over 1000 units of brand new vehicles, including a courier company (Nsik Express Delivery Company Limited) the then Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited terminus became too small for her operations, so in January, 2018 Nsik Motors Limited acquired a land from the state government in Uyo the capital city of Akwa Ibom State and built an ultra-modern terminus together with a vehicle assembling plant. This brought to an end the first lease of Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited to Nsik Motors Limited and gave rise to a new lease of just the goodwill (The Name and Insignia). 

Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited and Interurban Network Mass Transit Company Limited has terminus in 17 states of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory, all, properties of Nsik Motors Limited. Nsik Motors Limited is working to expand its terminus to all the states in Nigeria.